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Gluten Free Tiramisu Recipe

Lear how to make this amazing "Gluten Free and Sugar Free Tiramisu" cake without alcohol. Preparation : ▽▽▽ ▷Cake Base: ● 50gr. butter (grass-fed) ● 3/4 cup coconut flour ● 20 gr. powdered erythritol for the dough (alt. a tiny pinch of stevia powder) ● 2 tsp. baking powder...


New Recipe: Berry Mousse

Light dessert: here is a wonderful light Gluten Free dessert for you and your loved ones. You will need the following ingredients: ▽▽▽ ● 400ml. coconut cream ● 1 Banana ● 1 cup frozen berries ● 2 tsp. coconut fat ● Optional: coconut blossom sugar or erythritol ● Decoration: 3 pinches of...


Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls

This delicious Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls recipe will blow your mind. It is simple to follow and absolutely healthy. Here are the ingredients:▽▽▽ ● 1 cup coconut flakes ● 70gr. butter ● 20gr. erythritol ● 80gr. dark chocolate (90%) ● 4 tbsp. coconut...


New recipe: Low Carb Mini Tart - with Strawberries and Chocolate

This delicious low carb mini tart dessert with strawberries and chocolate is so easy to prepare. No baking. It's gluten free, sugar free and grain free. ▼▼▼ You need the following ingredients: ● 200gr. grounded almonds ● 170gr. grass-fed butter ● 200gr. strawberries ● 30gr. erythritol ●...